Company Overview

IPRkiosk is a Delhi based Intellectual Property consultancy company specializing in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Chemicals technology.

Product Development Support

  • IPRkiosk provides freedom to operate opinions, invalidity, non-infringement, patentability opinions for generics and drug discovery clients.
  • Well experienced staff in prior art searching.
  • The scientific expertise of our professionals provides guidance in design-around strategies to clients concerned about freedom to operate or patent infringement.
  • The guidance is well supported through patent analysis reports and live discussion with clients/scientist involved in product development.
  • Our design-around strategies include non-infringement strategies for Orange-Book listed patents or patents of innovator which may be asserted upon product filing or at the time of approval/launch of the product.
  • High-quality opinions at a cost that is substantially lower than the cost for opinions from law firms.